PLAST UNO manufacture trash bags and garbage bags, sacks & liners. Our products are designed to make waste collection & separation safe, clean and efficient and are even suitable for use with hazardous and dangerous waste, as appropriate. Kerbside separation of waste is now an extremely important element of waste management strategy worldwide.

With our new product line UnoEco produced by recycled plastic, we now offer our customers a more environmentally friendly alternative to products made of ordinary polyethylene for collection and handling of all types of waste. Recycled plastic is produced from already used plastic and is in contrast to virgin polyethylene more environmentally friendly, as the plastic is reused instead of going to landfills. incineration or ends up in the environment.


There are small, medium, large, oversize and jumbo length options for garbage bags that you can use in large spaces such as hotels, offices, restaurants and apartments as well as houses and rooms.

  • Can be produced in all colours.
  • In various sizes.
  • Self-smocking refuse sacks can be produced.
  • The products can be produced in rolls or spill.
  • %100 recyclable.
  • Printing can be done up to four colours on single sides.

All products normally produced in traditional polyethylene can be produced in recycled plastic. We have a large selection of bags, sacks and liners for everyone that wants to be more environmentally friendly in the waste management industry. Bags, sacks and liners in green polyethylene helps minimising the use of polyethylene coming from non-renewable raw materials. Products for the waste management industry include bags and liners 3 – 650 L, special bags and dog waste bags.