We are offering polyethylene cling film which are cost effective and available in the form of rolls. Widely acclaimed as an efficient and effective manufacturer and supplier, we are engaged in offering polyethylene cling film. PE Cling film is used in packaging food stuffs such as fruits, vegetables and frozen products. The high holding force and unique flexibility enable the polyethylene cling film to cling tightly to objects. With high rate of oxygen and carbon-dioxide transmission, poliethylene cling film is highly reliable.

Polyethylene cling film, thanks to its elastic structure, allows your food to stay fresh for a long time by removing air interference. It helps to prevent dispersing and mixing of odor and protects the food from external factors.

Polyethylene cling film, a practical solution for storing your food in a hygienic way, can be used to pack, store and transport all food products. Polyethylene cling film easily adheres onto a large number of smooth surfaces thanks to the static electricity accumulated on its surface.


You can use polyethylene cling films in your microwave oven for thawing and heating without direct contact with your foods. However, we do not recommend using cling films in microwave ovens or cook while in direct contact with food, in case sugar or fat-rich foods warm up and melt the protective layer.

  • For manual and automatic usage.
  • 5 layer Cast film technology
  • Adhesive single or double sided.
  • Slippery form inside or outside.
  • Hight resistant peformance.
  • Transparent and shiny
  • In various colours.
  • High flexibility.

Plast Uno films produced with advanced technology keep your products safe and integrated in transportation or storage and it protects them against various external factors such as dirt, dust, impact, etc. Production phases are full automatic. We have products in different width, length and color depending on your needs. Polyethylene pallet stretch protects your products against damages, moisture and rain to be born during storage or transportation. It wraps your products properly with its coefficient of elongation and resistance characteristics and decreases the cost for being lightweight. All of our products are 100% recyclable.