Farmers have a tough life – up early and working late, dealing with animals and the weather and other challenges, so we like to make their lives a little easier.

PLAST UNO greenhouse films provide robust protection from hail and other negative weather effects. They are extremely easy to lay out and are suitable for all types of greenhouses. From large farms to small gardens, exceptionally fast yet customised installation is possible because measuring is carried out on an individual basis and according to customer specifications.


PLAST UNO is able to adapt the films to the exact climatic conditions of diverse regions upon customer request. Supplementary features such as anti-thaw or anti-heat can be integrated as well. With the aid of special additives, the level of light penetration can also be controlled – increased, decreased or scattered.

  • Increase the efficiency of light.
  • Prevent frost damages.
  • Ensure to provide early crops between 12 and 20 days.
  • Gain temperature difference between 4°C ~ 5°C.
  • Decrease heat loss during night and so prevent cooling.
  • Prevent the plant to be burnt during hot and sunny weathers since it refracts the sunlight.
  • Increase flexibility thanks to its EVA additive and so provides long-term endurance.
  • Overcome the slowly growing-up problem which is caused by embowering of the close plants for each other.

Greenhouses, as well as small and large tunnels, provide an ideal environment for plants. They protect vegetables from the effects of frost, wind and rain, ensure uniformly high quality and help fruit, vegetables and flowers to ripen faster, allowing several crops to be harvested in one year. Moreover, modern plastic film can be tailored specifically to the unique light and temperature requirements of many field-grown fruits and vegetables. At the same time, plastic film helps to reduce water consumption by reducing evaporation.