Sudden stops, careless material handlers and rocky waves are only some of the dangers faced by your shipments. These hazards cause loads to shift and sway and can sometimes lead to toppling or collapse. Stretch film reduces the risk of damage by holding loads tightly together and locking them to the pallet. With upwards of 2% of all shipped goods becoming damaged during transport stretch wrap film has become one of the leading product protection methods.

We selected the premium stretch films in the market today to deliver the highest in quality standards. We’ve developed performance-driven products that deliver flexibility and reliability to your packaging solution. Partnered with our revolutionary programs, we offer stretch wrap solutions that aim to reduce cost, improve performance and reduce waste.


Plast Uno’s super power film gives you the ultimate flexibility to wrap your pallets whenever and wherever you need it. The hand film gives perfect transparency, excellent puncture resistance and excellent load stabilization.

  • For manual and automatic usage.
  • 5 layer Cast film technology.
  • %300 pre-stretching.
  • Massive load unit stability.
  • Hight resistant performance.
  • Transparent and shiny.
  • In various colours.
  • High flexibility.

High-performance machine stretch films are designed to cover a broad range of machine applications. Our wide range of machine applied stretch films offer solutions for both semi-automatic stretch wrappers and fully automatic inline systems. Our line-up of cast and blown stretch films provide excellent load retention, puncture resistance and greater cost efficiencies compared to other competitive stretch films in the marketplace. We work with your business to develop a packaging platform that provides consistent protection for your products. By matching the right film to the right job, we limit the risk of damages during shipping and ensure every product shipped arrives in as made condition every time.