Plast Uno products are High Performance vented stretch films satisfying customers’ requirements in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable. Our hand films are perfect with products that are heated, chilled, breathable, wet and fumigated.

Plast Uno products are applied to pallet wrapping of various load types (light or heavy) for Machine & Manual applications while they serve a wide range of markets.

We selected the premium stretch films in the market today to deliver the highest in quality standards. We’ve developed performance-driven products that deliver flexibility and reliability to your packaging solution. Partnered with our revolutionary programs, we offer stretch wrap solutions that aim to reduce cost, improve performance and reduce waste.


Plast Uno’s hand film gives you the flexibility to wrap your pallets whenever and wherever you need it. The hand film gives very good transparency, excellent puncture resistance and good adhesion properties.

  • For manual and automatic usage.
  • 5 layer Cast film technology
  • Adhesive single or double sided.
  • Slippery form inside or outside.
  • Hight resistant peformance.
  • Transparent and shiny
  • In various colours.
  • High flexibility.

Plast Uno films produced with advanced technology keep your products safe and integrated in transportation or storage and it protects them against various external factors such as dirt, dust, impact, etc. Production phases are full automatic. We have products in different width, length and color depending on your needs. Polyethylene pallet stretch protects your products against damages, moisture and rain to be born during storage or transportation. It wraps your products properly with its coefficient of elongation and resistance characteristics and decreases the cost for being lightweight. All of our products are 100% recyclable.