Farmers have a tough life – up early and working late, dealing with animals and the weather and other challenges, so we like to make their lives a little easier.

Silage films are used primarily to preserve silage, hay and maize. They maintain the nutritional value of the contents and inhibit undesirable fermentation processes. To reach the needed properties that ensure protection throughout the duration of outdoor exposure the films require good resistance against weathering.


Silage is a fodder obtained by fermentation (souring) of the water rich in water with the effect of one milk acid bacteria. Feeding product is shrinking to a certain size and it is the process of wrapping bales and then stretch inside the machine.

  • 12 months resistance to harmful sun rays with special UV stabilizer.
  • Excellent adhesion strength to ensure optimum fermentation.
  • Superior durability and quality.
  • High impact, tear and puncture strength.
  • Hight resistant performance.
  • Production in ISO 9001 standards.
  • In various colours.
  • High flexibility.

Silage, stretch and silo-bags made of PE, EVA and EBA protect a fermented high-moisture fodder that can be fed to livestock. Silage must be firmly packed to minimize oxygen content and prevent spoilage. This makes durability a key requirement. PLAST UNO offers a wide range of additives and colorants for these applications.